In the cusp of 2015 and 2016 The Pilgrim was invited to participate of a gathering at Farming for Abundance. A lovely permaculture hub in Raglan, Victoria.

Farming for Abundance is an educational cooperative that supplies with healthy, fresh and chemical free food grown with love by people who care. It’s run by Alex and Kali and a bunch of active people who strongly believe in a sustainable and self-sufficient alternative pathway to the current industrialised system.

During the gathering we had the opportunity to learn about forest food, super adobe, solar energy, oil essences and so much more! It was a very rewarding weekend surrounded by great people.

To know more about the Farming for Abundance project please check their Facebook page. They have several workshops and activities. So please spread the word! This is a great initiative that we should all support @farmingforabundance

My talented amiga Daniela Fuenzalida was in charge of the shooting. Please have a look her work. It’s so inspiring! www.truephotos.com.au @fotografia.DF

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