In August 2015 The Pilgrim travelled all the way from Chile to Cuiaba Brazil as part of a first encounter with Brazilian audiences after a four-month creation process and a trip around Peru and Bolivia.

We had the chance to meet audiences at two community events, learnt new skills through a shadow theatre residency and share some valuable time with exceptional artists and friends.

When The Pilgrim first met Agustino at Raquel and Andre’s home. Check the Facebook page of Agustino here: www.facebook.com/caixadoagustino

During the first official photo shoot with the talented Rany Carneiro.

The Pilgrim performance at Sesc Arsenal.

Shadow Theatre Residency with Lumbra Theatre Company from Porto Alegre Brazil.

The Pilgrim meeting audiences at the 4th Homeopathic Convention.

Two engraved postcards designed and made at the ‘Atelier do Mofo’.

Thank you Raquel and Andre for hosting The Pilgrim and make us feel at home.

You are part of The Journey too.

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