The Pilgrim has been on a journey of love and generosity. So many of you giving your time towards this project. We couldn’t be more grateful!

You are the ones who inspire us. The ones who feed The Pilgrim with memories, stories and good vibes. This project is expanding on ways we never thought would be possible and it’s all thanks to you guys!

A massive GRACIAS to every single one of you… You all walk next to us on this pilgrimage.

Thank you Maria for being so inspiring and supportive. We’ll always remember the day when you contributed on the crowdfunding campaign not even knowing us. You have been so helpful on promoting our work. We cannot thank you enough for all what you’ve done!

GRACIAS to Teatro de los Sentidos and Enrique Vargas for being a source of inspiration and poetry. Our passage through the labyrinth was a journey of growth and self-discovery, encouraging The Pilgrim to find new pathways.

GRACIAS vecina for your memorable company, wise advices and commitment towards The Pilgrim Project. You are beyond what a friend could ask! Thank you for being part of this journey.

Thanking to Multicultural Arts Victoria for all their time, support and good advices. For opening doors and giving The Pilgrim the opportunity to reach new audiences and learn through experienced peers. Thank you Trini for our meetings and good chats. You’ve been so helpful!

Gracias vecino Seba for your brilliant advices and your hard work on The Pilgrim Project. We are so amaze with your work and how the project has been developing on ways we couldn’t imagine. You are a Master. (Y que loh vaiga bien!)

Gracias amiga Dani for all your supportive and magic words, for the long talks and your generous heart always able to help those who need it. We deeply appreciate all the hard work you’ve done to help us. How could we forget if you’ve been part of this journey since the beginning!

Thanking to Storytelling Victoria and its Director Jackie for their contribution to The Pilgrim’s Cabinet Project and also for supporting our work through their activities.

An enormous THANK YOU to Christer for his hard work finalising the structure of the cabinet. You are a genius! We couldn’t make it without you.

All our gratitud towards Lili & Christer for their contribution into the The Pilgrim’s Cabinet crowdfunding campaign. We reached the target and now thanks to your support we are getting ready to start the tour.

Aidan our hero and rescuer! We couldn’t thank you enough for your enormous help picking up ‘La mañosa’ and driving all the way from NSW to Melbourne. We want you to know how much we value your support.

Thank you for all the time and knowledge put on the soundtrack for The Pilgrim II. We treasure your effort and cheerful vibes. They are all packed already in our suitcase, to have the best beginning in this new adventure.

Our gratitud is beyond words, it’s from heart!

Thank you Claudio for helping us on building The Pilgrim’s Cabinet. Despite the little spare time you had you gave us so much. We wholeheartedly appreciate everything you’ve done for the project.

All our gratitud to Jaime Wilson for his time and good advices. Thank you for the long talks and for sharing your knowledge with us. The Pilgrim is growing and you’ve been part of this process too.

Gracias Esperanza for your company and support. Those evening working together will be always part of The Pilgrim’s journey. Thank you for such a great homework!

Mostro Seba, enormous GRACIAS for all the time and effort you put onto The Pilgrim website. But over all thank you for your patience and constant smile despite the difficulties. We are so lucky having your support on this journey.

To Juan and Paty, THANK YOU for hosting The Pilgrim at your home and for sharing so many precious memories and secrets with us. Your work and fight is our inspiration.

GRACIAS MERCI THANKS OBRIGADO for being part of The First Journey. Specially we would like to thank to Natacha, Eduardo, Javier, EuGenio, Raquel, Gabi, Bruno and Anita for your guidance and precious advices. So much love!

Massive thank you to the MOGO crew for hosting The Pilgrim in such a special event. We are so lucky to be part of this amazing community.

GRACIAS Cris for being part of this crazy adventure. Your support and kindness have touch The Pilgrim’s core and move all they gears with happiness and gratefulness. Thank you for your hard work in the building. It’s so rewarding to have you being part of this new project.

Gabi querida, thank you for believe in The Pilgrim Project and being there every time we need your collaboration. We’re are just about to start!

Gracias amigo Rodrigo Mario for being here helping out in The Pilgrim’s Kingdom. Your company and positive vibes feed us and fill in The Cabinet with precious memories.

GRACIAS to The Pilgrim’s elves Lu, Meli and Fer for your time and kindness. To Lu for your softness, Meli for bringing your skilful hands and Fer for your precision. Your time is so precious and we are so lucky you could share some of it with us.

Thank you Nick & Duncan from Nuvotion. You guys rock! Your support it’s been so valuable to us. The Pilgrim’s Cabinet is aiming to connect creative and inspiring people on its way and you are the proof that this is already happening.

Thank you Fyo for showing us the amazing possibilities in the use of materials expanding The Pilgrim Project vision.

Hermana Clotia -Our Hands, your talent is crossing oceans and contributing on The Pilgrim’s growth. Thank you for all your time, effort and magic. This stage on the project wouldn’t be possible without your help.

Thank you mum and dad for supporting us in all this madness.

Obrigado to the powerhouse behind the lens. Your photography is amazing Tatiana! We are so honour to have you on board.

Thank you #1 Stew gang. The Pilgrim is so lucky to have you guys as housemates. Thank you for your understanding, empathy and patience.

THANKS to all those who contributed through the crowdfunding campaign. This project is taking us on a path of so many rewards and you all are part of the biggest one. Thanking from the bottom of The Pilgrim’s gear to: Gabi, Robyn, Javi, Leli, Maria, Samia, Liz, Solange, Matt, Dani R, Vero, Aidan, AJ, Christer & Lili, Asher, Anne Marie & Osito, Craig, Jess, Chica, Abi, Jo, Lucy, Dani F, Cris, Raquel, Vecina, Fiona, Dave, Jake, Lee.

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  1. Great to see the development of your dream Astrid. With Christer we’re happy to have been given the opportunity to contribute to it.
    All the best from your friends.

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