The Pilgrim’s shiny silver eyes were open for the first time in Santiago Chile 2015.

The character was initially conceived as a human scale puppet and was inspired by The Searcher (El Buscador)* from Argentinean writer J. Bucay and from the artist’s own migration experience.

The creation and building took place during a two-month residency supported by renown Chilean artists under the direction of the talented Russian-born artist Natacha Belova.

From its origins The Searcher was think as a being built by experiences, memories, objects, words, feelings.. More like an arquitectural construct, where the puppeteer’s body would play the role of landscape: the space where the character moves through its journey.

As per the concept, it was relevant build the character’s body from objects/elements that had a story behind. Thus the two features (head and body) were made from objects as book, picture frame, timber from fruit boxes and diverse objects collected in dumping grounds and street markets giving them a second opportunity to show its beauty through their history.

This laboratory of puppet experimentation had three final presentations at the Amphitheatre of Fine Arts Museum in May 2015. At this opportunity 18 artists showcased a excerpt of their creations.

After a long brainstorming The Pilgrim was the name chosen for a very first encounter with audiences on stage. This would be the initial stage of a journey that would continue with The Pilgrim shrinked into a miniature piece with the purpose to reach spect-actors in more distant areas.

*Find the translation of El Buscador in here


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